Access Statement for Mawr Cottage.


The Approach

There is a gravel driveway from the road up to the yard. The driveway is on a slope and there is a slight slope on the yard.



There is a gravel yard in front of the building. Parking for one car is available in a nearby garage. The garage is approximately 5 metres from the main entrance. There is also room to park an additional car on the yard.


Paths and Patio Area

There are flagstones forming a gradual slope up to the main entrance and there is a flagstone pathway around much of the perimeter of the building. This pathway is level from the next door cottage entrance (Bach) with just one step down (this step is 18cm in height) and a further ramp up to the level patio area. This patio area may be directly accessed from Mawrs living/ dining room.


The Layout of Mawr

The main entrance leads into the open plan dining and living area. This area and the kitchen are tiled throughout. There are remote controls for the TV and DVD player. There are two steps up from the dining and living area to the Kitchen.  These steps are 15cm in height and 32cm in depth. The kitchen worktop is 92cm in height from the floor.  The kitchen sink has a mixer tap, with small levers of 1cm. There is a built-in oven, fridge and cooker hob.  


There are 4 steps up from the kitchen leading to the Double Bedroom, Single Bedroom and Wet Room. The four steps are 15cm in height and 25cm in depth.


The Double Bedroom is carpeted. The door is 75.7 cm in width and opens inwards. Mawr has thick stone walls therefore the window ledge is 70cm in depth.  There is a skylight and this is fitted with a blind. A pole (shared with the single bedroom) is provided to open and close the blind.


The Single Bedroom is carpeted, including a large stone fireplace. There is a small step up to the fireplace of 10.5cm and the depth of the window in this room is 76.5cm. The door is 75.7cm across and opens inwards. This room has a skylight and is fitted with a blind. A pole is provided to open and close the blind.  


All the internal doors in Mawr cottage have Suffolk latches.


The wet room

There is a large wet room with a tiled floor. The wet room contains a shower, toilet and hand basin. There is a very slight step up to the shower area of 2.2cm. The shower has controls that are 102cm from the floor. The hand basin is 82cm from the floor to the basin rim. The basin has a mixer tap with a lever handle.  The toilet has a push button flush and there is room to access the toilet from the right side. The wet room door opens inwards and is 75.7cm across.


The external doors

The main entrance is a large glass door, this has a width of 89cm across and opens inwards. There is a step in over the door sub-frame of 6cm in height and 15cm in depth.


 There are also large patio doors leading from the dining/ living area to the patio area. The width of each of these two patio doors are 85.5cm and open out wards. Approached from outside there is a 11.5cm step up from the patio, with a depth of 12.5cm. The slight step over the door sub-frame is 6.5cm up and 15cm in depth.


Switches and sockets

The light switches are a height of 104cm from the floor. The sockets are 55cm from the floor.



There are two smoke alarms fitted. One alarm is situated on the dining/ living area ceiling and the other is situated on the ceiling above the passageway.



There is very limited public transport in this area.



One well behaved dog is welcome to stay. However, please be aware that Mawr is situated on a sheep farm and also that the guests staying next door may not be used to dogs. Guide/ assistance dogs are welcome.



There is very limited mobile phone reception. There is a public phone box approximately a mile and a half away (following the road when you turn right from Tybach). 


Shared Facilities:


  • The Laundry Room

Guests staying at Mawr can access this room from Mawrs garage. The approach to the Laundry room is via a large concrete ramp. The laundry room floor is tiled throughout and contains a washing machine and tumble drier. There are also two sinks and the worktop is 91cm in height from the floor.


  • The Outside Wet Room

This is a large room with ample space for a wheelchair user. The room is approached by a wide concrete ramp. The door opens inwards with a 4cm high sub frame step.  There is a toilet, shower and hand basin. The toilet can be accessed from either side and the toilet has a push button flush. The basin taps have lever handles.





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